Deep Learning

Deep learning is getting very popular in the recent years and has been widely used for many artificial intelligence related problems, such as speech recognition, language translation, vision and image recognition, playing games etc. In this article, we will learn, what is deep learning and why does it differ from machine learning, we try to investigate in depth on different deep learning approaches and create some examples with detailed explanation.

We broadly categorize all deep learning topics into following two parts based on the applications:

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing

Before going deep into applications, let us understand more about deep learning and try to build some intuitive feeling about it. Deep learning is “the deeper version of Neural network”. In other words, Deep learning (also called Deep Neural networks or Deep machine learning) contains many hidden layers unlike only one hidden layer in neural network. Hence, before understanding the deep learning, let us get a feeling about what a neural network is.

What is Neural Network?