About Me

Jhanak Parajuli

Hobbies and Interests

Reading books on physics, spirituality and neuroscience, writing blogs on different technical and non technical topics, listening to music, playing ukulele, travelling to different places, playing badminton and walk around nature are some of my hobbies and interests.  

Projects and Involvements

I am involved in academics and industry for more than 7 years, where I have been involved in a number of projects as a research scientist, as an AI engineer, data scientist, program manager, event organiser and co-founder of a company. Please find more details in the link below.

Research and Publications

My Research interests are in algorithm development in Wireless communications, machine learning, deep learning, data science and other related cutting edge technologies.  You can find the list of my publications below. 

Blogs and Links

I am available in different social media sites and some of my personal projects are also available in Github. Please find below all the blogs and links that I am involved and get in touch using any one of them.