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  1. Real time data streaming and IOT project :
    Aim : Design, implement and present a real-time data streaming show-case using Anki overdrive vehicles
    in Msg Systems Ag:
    Role : Data Scientist and Development Engineer
    Tasks : Design and implement an end to end pipeline for “Kappa architecture” and use machine learning (supervised) algorithms to :


    • avoid collision between the Anki overdrive vehicles and
    • predict the optimal speed at each point in Anki track (product optimization)

    Technologies : Python, typescript, Apache kafka, elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, Apache spark (Pyspark), MongoDB

  2. Data Science projects :
      • Project on Dynamic pricing and price forecasting:

    Aim : Design a complete system which obtain data with different parameters as input and forecast the buy rate and/or fluctuation in buy rate for the next chosen period of time.
    Role : Data Engineer, Data Scientist and Software Developer
    Task : Obtain domain expertise, data cleansing, pre-processing data, machine learning for time series data, deployment using django framework.
    Technologies : Python (pandas, numpy, statsmodels, fbprophet,scikit-learn), jupyter notebook, mySQL, django

      • Chatbot and Natural language processing (Deep Learning):

    Aim: Design and deploy a domain specific Chabot (e.g. banking chatbot) using deep learning algorithms such as Sequence to Sequence Recurrent neural network approach with Long Short term memory (LSTM)
    Role: Complete development, start to end pipeline.
    Task: Gather data sources, obtain data, perform relevant pre-processing, setup for distributed computing, use deep learning algorithms, deploy
    Technologies: Python, Tensorflow, mongoDB, flask, tkinter, google api

      • Rule based Chatbot for facebook and Line Messenger:

    Aim: Design and deploy a chatbot for facebook messenger and line messenger.
    Role: Complete development, start to end pipeline.
    Task: Gather data sources, obtain data, perform relevant pre-processing, maintain database, use supervised learning algorithms, deploy
    Technologies: Python, api.ai, wit.ai, chatterbot, heroku, mongoDB, facebook developer platform

  3. Project HIGHTS – European Union HORIZON 2020 Project, Jacobs University Bremen, 2015-2016
    Aim: Design algorithms for wireless cooperative localization and interference management such as interference alignment under EU project HIGHTS.
    Role: Research Associate
    Tasks: Research on the topic to better understand problem; Design more robust and better algorithms than existing ones, publish the results
    Technologies: Matlab, Linear Algebra, Statistics
  4. Project BUTLER – European Union FP7 Project, Jacobs University Bremen, 2012-2014
    Aim: Design and implement algorithms for secure Internet of Things with location and context awareness
    Analysis of various security issues in wireless connectivity (focussed on physical layer)
    Statistical optimization and degrees of freedom of multi-user wireless interference channels with various channel states.
    Role: Research Associate
    Tasks: Perform academic research on assigned topics; Design algorithms and implement; Publish results in high class journals and conferences; Present the results in relevant conferences.
    Technologies: Matlab, Python, Java, Arduino

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